Nursery Products


We carry a wide selection of nursery products—acres of annuals, perennials, trees and shrubs in whatever size you need. We work closely with our extensive network of suppliers to provide you with hard-to-find sizes and varieties. If you need something you don’t see listed or available at one of our locations, be sure to ask one of our staff.

Shade and Ornamental Trees

We carry a large selection of caliper shade and ornamental trees. Our nursery locations stock large inventories of the most common genus and species available in many sizes. A wide selection of Maples, Oaks, Elms, Crape Myrtles, Cherries, Redbuds and Dogwoods, are readily available for pickup or delivery throughout most of the year.

Large Evergreens

All our nursery locations have a large selection of evergreen trees in the most common sizes and varieties. We fill our nurseries up early in the spring and have fresh evergreens throughout the season. Once the summer arrives, we begin stocking summer dug evergreens as needed. Large specimen Boxwoods, large Camellias, Cryptomeria, a large selection of Ilex, large specimen Ligustrum, Magnolias, Thuja Emerald Green and Green Giant, Cedars, Leylands and more. We also work closely with our evergreen suppliers to provide availability of larger sizes and hard to find varieties for you.

Specimen Plants

We also carry an assortment of unique specimen plant varieties in many different sizes. One of a kind plants that can be featured in your landscape as rare and unusual. Japanese Maples, Cypress, Topiary, Spiral and Espalier plants, Cedars and hardy Palm Trees are readily available for your selection.

Container Shrubs

All our locations carry a broad and large assortment of basic evergreen, deciduous and flowering shrubs in landscape sizes.  Most of our shrubs are offered in 3 gallon, 7 gallon and 15 gallon sizes.  We also have some varieties available in 30 gallon and larger. Abelias, Azaleas, Boxwoods, Camellias, Hydrangea, Ilex, Illicium, Juniper, Ligustrum, Loropetalum, Ornamental Grasses, Nandina, Osmanthus, Knockout and Drift Roses, and much more.  Inventories are kept full, fresh and clean for your inspection, pick-up or delivery.


We work with local, regional and national suppliers to continually stock a large selection of perennials throughout the spring, summer and fall. We focus on the varieties and sizes that appeal the professional landscape contractor looking to add color, texture and variety to the residential and commercial project. Daylillies, Ferns, Hostas, Iris, Heuchera, Phlox, Dianthus and more are readily available in all our locations. Our basic perennials are priced to offer the contractor great value. We also offer a premium line of hard-to-find perennials for the more discerning.

Ground Covers

Basic varieties such as Liriope, Ophiopogon, Jasmine, Euonymus and more are readily available in large quantities. We also offer many other ground covers in flats. For example, Vinca, Pachysandra, English Ivy, Mazus, Blue Star Creeper are in stock at most of our locations.

Annual Color

We offer Annual Color in Flats in the spring and fall. For spring we have flats of basic color items such as Begonias and Vinca. We also offer premium varieties such as Lantana and Verbena. In the fall we carry a full assortment of Pansies and Violas as well as other fall seasonal items such as ornamental Cabbage and Kale.


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